Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What will be my work?

Ans: Your work is very simple. You simply have to post the ad matters given by the company at different websites. As the name indicates, you've to do Publish of Ads on different Classified Websites like copy –paste.

From where will I get these websites?

Ans : The list of websites will be provided by us(Visible only To registered Users.).

From where will I get the Ad Matter?

Ans :We Will provide Ad-Matter On Our Website (Visible only To registered Users.)

How will I understand my work?

Ans: Just after the activation of your id, you ‘ill receive Guidelines in PDF Format on Your Registered E-mail ID. Actually, it takes only 15 minutes to understand the work.

In a single Website, How many Ads can I Publish?

Ans :In a single website, you should publish not more than one number of Ads daily.

Is there any registration fee also?

Ans: No, there is no registration fee.

Do you offer any type of support or assistance?

Ans :Yes! We offer 100% member support. You can email/chat  us anytime, ask questions, and get advice.We also offer help by Support Ticket System for Our Members. In order for us to succeed, our members must succeed.

How shall I get my payment?

Ans : You have three Options to Receive Payment

  • Direct Transfer in Paypal A/C
  • Direct Transfer In Your Bank A/C
  • By Check to Your Postel Address

What is the minimum payout?

Ans : There is  minimum payout equal to Rs. 500.


Can I take a demo of the job before starting it?

Ans : Yes, Online demo of this job is available at our website. Please Click Here To Get a Demo.

Who can join this job?

Ans : Anyone, whether he/she is retired, student, employed, unemployed, handicapped, housewife etc.

What's the guarantee of my payment?

Ans : There is 100% guarantee of your payment.

What Is Sample Work & How To Complete It ?

Ans :To Prevent SPAM, we have started Sample Work. You Can Download Sample Report Pages From Here. You Have To Post Minimum 40 Ads on Given websites To Complete Your Work.

After Completing Your Sample Work You Can Submit It Here. Our Staff Will Review Your Work .If valid ads are equal or more than 30,You become member of our company & receive Username-Password to start your work. You Can Submit More Ads To Ensure Your Joining

If you have any confusion with our sample work,you can take a look of our Step By Step guide or Video Guide .

Okay all my points are clear, How to join this profitable Home Job?

Ans : First Complete Sample Work and Submit It to Us. Our Expert will take a review of our work and inform you about next steps.